Chemical Analysis Division (Public Users)


Students/Faculty Entrance

The purpose of the Chemical Analysis Division is to manage high-performance large-scale analytical equipment and basic laboratory equipment in an intensive way, and provide them for usage in the fields of research and education. The division also aims at improving the analytical equipment and promoting the application of such equipment in various fields of studies. All equipment for analysis and measurement is available.  The following outlines the services available in the division.

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・ Analysis Services
To request analysis, the user brings to the division samples ready for analysis with the analysis request form specified by the division. On a subsequent day, the user receives the results of analysis performed by the staff of the division.

⇒ List of the Analysis Service Equipment

・ Shared Use
The user requesting the use of equipment attends a workshop on the use of equipment to obtain permission to use the equipment. Subsequently, the user reserves machine time for one’s operation of the equipment.

⇒ List of the Shared-Use Equipment

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Please download the form from the following links.

Analysis Services
【Organic Element Analysis Request Form (C, H and N only)】 Request Form , Exhibit
【Organic Element Analysis Request Form (S, Br, Cl, I)】 Request Form , Exhibit
【NMR Analysis】 Request Form
【Amino Acid Analysis】 Request Form
【Liquid Chromatography-Mass spectrometry (LC-MS) Measurement】 Request Form

Shared Use
Application Form for Shared Use Equipment Workshop